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Thursday 15 December 2011

Under the Dome: My opening sequence

Hello readers!!!

I mentioned in my post 'My top 10 books of 2011' that I'd written an opening sequence for Under the Dome if it was ever turned in to a TV series (or film). So, I've fished it out and here it is in all it's minor glory!

It appears to be very poorly written, I apologise for that! But, enjoy none the less!

Book Geek

You would be looking through the eyes of the farmer who is listening to his Ipod. You'd see arms driving the tractor, the field up ahead and all you would hear is the music from his ipod...some kind of cheesey girly country music.

All you continue to hear throughout the following (until I indicate) is the ipod music (no bangs, crashes, screams or arguing would be heard).

You'd see a plane and bits of bodies falling down from the sky. Then move to a chopped in half wood chuck, front half still running around.
Then, as if you are sitting in the back seat you will see the couple arguing with each other then suddenly crash in to nothing.
Then see the car with the old ladies crash in to nothing, but from the outside this time.

Then we are back as the tractor driver when all of a sudden you crash in to nothing, ear phones fly out, music stops and we cut straight away to a screaming woman who has had her hand chopped off by nothing.

Then the screen would pan up to blue sky and it says 'under the dome'.

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