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Thursday 2 February 2012

Review: The Alchemist

Paperback: £5.99
Publisher: Harper Collins

Years and years ago, a very good friend of mine said to me 'Read The Alchemist, it'll change your life.'

It has been on my bookshelf for a good three years and I've finally read it. It hasn't changed my life.

This is the type of book I hate, detest, despise! I came across millions of books like this when doing my English degree and millions of people who thought they were all marvelous, wonderful, life changing! They are tosh, bollocks, piles of pretentious crap!

I'm sorry, but I can't stand books that try hard! I can't stand books that are self aware and trying in a very conscious way to be philosophical and provoking. ARRRRGH!!! Stop being such a pretentious arse!

I've read 'eleven seconds' by Coelho and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it offered up food for thought but not in such a self-conscious way, the book didn't seem to be so self aware.

I know people have loved The Alchemist and will continue to love it, I'm sure that if you are the right type of person you will love it too!

I think I'm just a bit too skeptical for such books. I don't like books that try to force you towards a way of thinking, a school of thought.

I will of course admit it is a very pleasant book and well written but there is nothing more I can say that is of a positive note! 

I'm sorry, I did really want to like it when I started out!

Happy Reading!

Book Geek


  1. Thanks for that... I might just take your advice and save myself the trouble of reading it. I'm pretty sure I'm with you on the 'life changing' style of books.

  2. No problem at all!!! I'm glad i have been of service!!! :-)