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Friday 15 June 2012

Review: Deadlocked

Hardback: £ 18.99
Publisher: Gollancz

This is the penultimate book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series! Boooo! I read the first 9 in pretty quick succession about 2 years ago. Had to wait 6 months for the 10th one and a year for this one to rock up. That did cause a few issues with regards to me remembering plot things but I coped. I now have to wait another a year I believe for 12!

It took me a while to get in to the first person, it always has with this series, but in the end I get completely on board with it and enjoy it thoroughly. The simplistic recapping and introductions/reminders about characters are pretty funny in comparison to the GOT series as that just never happens there. 

I loved the subtleness of the vial included on the front cover. I've only ever read ones with the drawing of the cartoon blonde or the TV covers before. Well done cover design person! I had a look at the covers of the others in the series that all have a subtle image in them. It's highly well done indeed.

As usual lots happens in a small number of pages, fast paced and never dull. I think this is a key to the books. For a Stackhouse book though, there was very little violence and sex, this was a bit of a shame. You can never have too much sex and violence! I have noticed that these books have become completely formulaic in their plots now. A soupe or vamp is in trouble, Sookie gets sucked in, she gets in trouble, the soupes and/or vamps save her, then they get in trouble again and Sookie ends up saving the day once again. It is reassuring, however, it is getting a tad predictable now. 

I still bloody love Pam, she is fantastic, Eric let me down a lot in this book, but I'd heard that Harris had begun 'ragging' on him so I was prepared. I didn't really like Sookie when I started reading the series but she is more feisty and strong now so she is greatly improved! 

This isn't of course the best book in the series. I really enjoyed the first 5/6 and now I think I'm just reading them, to an extent, to see how it all ends. Of course they are a fun read and very light hearted, a good holiday series maybe. I powered through this one in less than 48 hours. You really will have to like this type of stuff to enjoy the books and the style of writing will not suite everyone, however, for me they are fantastic light relief, provide a few giggles and are real page turners.

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