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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Review: Shift

Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Price: £ 7.99

Bloody brilliant! That's how I'm going to start this review! This book is cracking! It's the story of Scott, and he can Shift (however, I'm not going to tell you exactly what that is as I don't want to spoil the plot for you). This is an action packed page turner from the very start!

The tone is wonderful and the style of writing suited me down to the ground. The subtle humour was right up my street also and as this is a YA novel I was wondering the whole way through if some of that humour was there just for the A readers. I believe I spied not only an Adrian Mole reference but a Ready Brek one too...hee hee!

The plot is gripping and intriguing and takes directions I didn't think it would. There are contemporary themes such as terrorism which makes the story suck you in even more. There is love and loss and romance and intrigue and upset and ahhhhh...just everything you can pack in to a plot! The characters are also brilliant! I had one to hate (Morgan) and I absolutely loved CP! SHE RULED! I also found a character to fall in love with....*sigh*...Cain. I haven't fallen for a character like this in a while. He may not be allllllll that prominent throughout the entire book but, my, he is amazing. All the characters are great though! They are well rounded and very well developed...even the bit part ones. 

Basically if you like YA then this is defo one to try out. This is YA with balls....big, gritty, hardcore balls! There is also a lot there for the A reader, so even if YA isn't your thing then defo give this a read.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on more of Kim Curran's stuff!

Also, if you want to follow this lovely lady on twitter she's @kimecurran...she is a cracking tweeter!

Happy reading one and all!

Book Geek


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