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Wednesday 9 July 2014

Review: Blood Will Follow, Valhalla Saga 2

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
Price: £ 20 (hardback)

Right then, we are back with the vikings, but this time all is rather disbanded and there are even more plot lines to follow! DARN!

I do wish I had read part 1 closer to reading book 2 as there are a lot of plot turns and character subtleties that I think I have forgotten in the year it has been between books. However, that hasn't diminished my enjoyment of this read.

It isn't as war packed and bloody as the first book, but don't let that deter you if it is what you enjoyed the most about book 1! There is still blood, it's just not as vile!

The plot has more twists and turns than I could have foretold and I think that has something to do with the fact that there are so many different plots being woven by several different sets of characters. U and A are still in the thick of everything, you will no doubt be happy to know, and their characters are just as awesome as they were previously, if not even more intriguing. The gods pop up more here and that is awesome. They create a very mystical presence and give the book a whole new edge and open up a whole new set of questions for the reader.

This is a perfect middle book for a trilogy as it has the feel of a quest and of people with a purpose and a destiny to fulfil. These books are really rather spiffing and do indeed make vikings seem like real men and not just a part of history that you learn about in school. Also, it makes vikings darn sexy. 

Oh, and I need the next one NOW!!! NOW I SAY!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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