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Friday 21 November 2014

Review: Fuck Life

So, I am in work whilst I write this so I can't really search for a pic of the cover, etc, but I will attempt to remember to do so when I am not in work!

Anyway...this book is from a German author (Amidu Omar Njiemoun)/publisher (Tausendschlau Books) and I was sent it after an email from the author asking me to review it. I was most excited as very rarely get publishers outside of the UK! THANKS!!!

On with the show...

Adam and Sara are in a relationship but it is seriously, seriously fucked up and we are about to see what's what.

I have one thing I really have to get off my chest, a big complaint. The translation of this book is not very good at all! Three things really REALLY bugged me...the incorrect usage of two, too and to throughout the entire book. The phrase 'arrest my case' and 'nursery home'. Just, NO! Please, please people who translate books or have their books translated. GET PROPER PROOF READERS AND TRANSLATORS! I see more books like this than I care to remember and they really do stick in my mind as I am an Editor by profession! Anyway...moving on...

After reading the about the author bit, the whole way through this book I couldn't help wondering how much is autobiographical. I would really love to know now. TBH, my wondering enhanced my enjoyment of the book!

Some of the plot twists do click pretty quickly, but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment, so do not worry about being able to see what's coming. I kinda think that is part of the book's charm. However, the plot really is brutal and twisted and shocking and I'm not 100% sure how I feel in general about the book and the writing style as it's very aggressive all round.

This isn't a book for the weak of heart and nerve. It is dark, it is brutal, it is REAL and that does put it in a bit of a league of its own.

Happy Reading


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