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Monday 30 November 2015

Review: Savage Lane

Publisher: No Exit Press
To start off with, I really liked the writing style. It was right up my street. Also, whilst the boko is creepy and unnerving, it seems so very real and normal. That makes it even more creepy and alarming...arrrrgghhh!!!
I think one of my fave things about this book were the curve balls that are thrown at you...then all of a sudden JS backtracks and you get the explanation. It kept me hooked, 100000000% hooked and it was really well done.
When it came to the characters, they are so well formed that I hated the ones who got comeuppance and loved the ones who were good. The humour in the book made this a great read too, and that can't be forgotten by any means.
I think what really hits you with the read however is that people are, in normal every day life, really rather complex but can be seriously bloody stupid when they want to be and let emotions, love and obsession take over.
A cracking read, that I really enjoyed and I think the cover is rather awesome too!
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