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Monday 18 April 2016

Review: The Stonehendge Letters

Publisher: The Friday Project

I read The Evolution of Inanimate Objects yonks ago and it took me rather by surprise and I really enjoyed it. The same thing has happened with this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it! YAY!

The continuous toying of fact and fiction was I think what I enjoyed the most. I loved how the book got me second guessing constantly. I also thoroughly enjoyed the whimsy of the novel as a whole. and the style of writing, and while I'm at it I'll let you all know that I enjoyed the tale that was being told itself.

And moving away from the fiction, the bits that were solid fact were also rather entertaining and I enjoyed them too! YAY!

Finally, I enjoyed how the things that the winner was famous for were used to conjure a theory regarding Stonehenge.

Happy Reading!


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