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Monday 19 February 2018

Review: Drug of Choice

Publisher: Hard Case Crime

So I'm still working my way through this collection of rediscovered books.

This one doesn't have so much of the women as 'the little woman' feel about it. Which was a lovely refreshing change on the previous ones. I mean, I've coped with how women are treated in all of these books, but it was nice to come across one I could be even more comfortable with. 

There is for sure an air of the Twilight Zone about this novel. An island and set up which isn't quite right and when you find out what isn't quite right your mind goes 'eeeeeeeek'. It feels uncomfortable, it feels strange, it feels science fiction with a bigger element of the weird. 

I for sure enjoyed this and I think you can see a few layers in it (I am aware that I sound like a bit of a dick here). Also, I think Clark seems like an anti-hero which is pretty cool.

For sure the best one I've read so far.



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