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Sunday 14 October 2012

Review: Cold Killing

Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: I have no idea sorry

This is another of those books where you are thrust in to the action from the word GO! The first few pages set the whole tone of the novel as you are placed in the mind of the killer. The entire thing is unnerving and horribly creepy from the beginning. When Sean (the good guy) comes in, he is just as creepy and dark as the killer and this sadly meant that I didn't really have a character I liked at all! But this did not detach from my enjoyment of this book one bit. I think it enhanced the reading experience as you were never comfortable.

The contract in 1st person killer and 3rd person everyone else was great. A very stark contract was provided and the writing styles changed dramatically. I do feel that Luke Delaney is a very clever man or actually a twisted murderer himself as the passages in 1st person are so scarily brilliant. I is really very scary that a killer can be portrayed as a highly intelligent and perceptive person, yet, the disturbed lunacy of the 1st person killer sections makes the novel truly unsettling. 

The entire police aspect seemed more realistic than many other crime novels I have read as it was not glamorised at all. Things were tough, bleak and difficult as you would expect a copper's life to be. As well as a copper's surroundings, life and situations. 

The section based in Holborn and Shepherd's Bush scared the complete shit out of me. Not only because I spend a LARGE portion of my time on those areas and that portion of the district line, but when I read it I was on my way to that very area and VERY LINE!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Initially the conclusion didn't sit well with me as it seemed wholly predictable, however, don't think the intelligent writing and plot line stops there. at the last minute it all changed and I changed my mind. The conclusion was cracking. I also feel that Delaney has left himself a window for another book in this series.

If you like crime writing then do add this book to your collection when it comes out in January! I know it is a long time to wait but do try and manage it as this is defo worth it!!!!

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