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Monday 20 April 2015

A book by someone under 30: Bloodrush

So, M's Dad has popped his clogs and he's being shipped off to America, the wild west, where life is going to be turned on its head!

This book is a complete mashup of genres, it's fantasy, it's western, it's coming of age, it's a quest, there is some urban fantasy in there too and some high fantasy! WAAAAHHH!! The book also has a teenage boy as the hero, which is a totally huge contrast to Farden in BG's previous books. AWESOME. Merion is a dude, and so is Lurker, however, I found Aunt Lil a bit too weird and mental, and that's saying something for me. I'm not sure what it was, but she just doesn't sit right with me, but I'm sure there is more to her than meets the eye and as the books go on I could come to like her.

It was tantalising how on the cusp of reality this whole book was. I did enjoy that a lot however! I also thoroughly enjoyed the Spider Man reference :-p

There are a few things that niggled me about the book though. 1. Rhin's story was a bit meh. 2. M's change is very sudden and full on, I didn't find it 100% convincing. 3. What a cheesy ending!!!


I did enjoy this book however and I am VERY much looking forward to the next one!

Happy Reading

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