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Friday 8 May 2015

A book that made you cry: The Silence

Publisher: Titan Books

Originally I had dubbed this 'a book set in the future' as it is set towards the end of next year, however it made me cry, twice, so I soon changed that as books hardly ever make me cry! I'm not telling you where I cried, but if you read this and do cry, I'd like to know, to see if I'm as weird as I thought, or not! The book also gave me nightmares! YAY!

Now on with the review...

I will start with OH HOLY JESUS! This is truly terrifying as it is one of those books where the events are not, in my mind any way, beyond the realms of possibility, and it makes me think about what I would do. Books like this make me panic and start thinking dark thoughts! 

I loved the two different perspectives, those of Ally, the deaf daughter and Huw, the father. They gave you two very different perceptions of what is going on and you really got to know them. I totally fell for Huw and I also fell for Lynne, what a babe, and in my mind, the true hero of the book!

This was a fantastic read! I was on the edge of my seat, couldn't put it down and it filled me with adrenalin! The characters were wonderful and the love between the family unit in such horrendous times was beautifully created and sustained from start to finish, even when talking about past events. 

The writing style was also stupendous and just up my street!

I really hope that this is going to be a stand alone book as it finished perfectly, in my eyes any way. I could see the scope for another book but I don't think it would be needed. I would read it though if there was another one. 

Grab this book now, and read it! But have tissues handy and a place to hide or a cushion to hug!

Happy Reading


P.S. The fact that the characters are from Usk made me and Boy Geek laugh as no one is from there, except Boy Geek.

P.P.S. I was annoyed with the fact that in the book Ally is the daughter but in the blurb it is spelt Ali...poor proof reading there!

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