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Monday 22 June 2015

Review: The Rules of Wolfe

Publisher: No Exit Press

This, I am afraid will not be my most eloquent review as I'm once more writing from notes. I read this book on hols and I can tell you this, I couldn't put it down. I loved the style, I adored it. It was slightly tongue in cheek and the turn of phrase JCB has is right up my street! I thoroughly enjoyed that!

I loved the characters, I loved loved ones like Catalina, I loved to hate others, like the boss. They were all perfectly constructed and I could imagine them all in my head! Also, the fact that a lot was in Texas was brilliant as I love Texas and have spent lots of time there for work. I think that also contributed to my 100% enjoyment. 

It was a gripping page turner from start to finish as you get swept up in the plot and invest heavily in the characters. It was great to see the lines be drawn and erased over and over between things that are noble and moral and those that are down right wrong. You lose your sense of perspective on that as you read I feel. Also, you'll be freaked about how quickly people can adapt to the situations they find themselves in, no matter how shit. That was a brutal aspect of this book, but a real one at the same time.

A fantastic read and I can't wait for more Wolfe fun!

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