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Friday 2 October 2015

A Book Based on a True Story - Red

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

I have listed this as a book based on a true story as well, it's a history, and is probs mainly true...so there.

I'm a red head, so when a dear friend pointed me in the direction of this book I was super delighted. When it comes to being a red head in the world many things have been said to me from my mum telling me 'I've brought you up tough as you are short, Welsh and ginger', to my grand mother attempting to compliment me by saying 'you aren't as ginger as you used to be love.' Also, I've heard many 'facts' such as gingers have a higher pain threshold than others and that gingers are on the way out.

Anyway...now on with the review.

I loved the conversational style of writing in this book, it was truly gorgeous an made it a very personal experience. This was particularly so as it's written by one red head and was being read by another. Awwwwww.

The whole book provided myth busters, little known facts and taught me a lot. Not only about the history of my fine locks shade, but about the world in general and how to really embrace being part of the ginger umbrella. You can see that JCH has a great affinity to the red headed world and her passion for it, the identity it brings and all else it encompasses are embraced to the max.

A really great read for red heads and other coloured bonces out there.


Happy Reading


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