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Thursday 22 October 2015

A book with a one word title: Heft

Publisher: Windmill (my copy anyway)
Sorry I've been so quiet recently loyal readers! I've started a new job and got rather carried away. But as a treat, and to celebrate being shortlisted for Love Stories Awards 'Blog of the Year', I'm bringing you one of my many over due reviews! HEFT.
This book is incredibly heart breaking. It will actually break your heart and leave you completely bereft! I have warned you!
Anyway, LM adopts the different voices and personas wonderfully. The characters a beautifully created and they are fantastically convincing. I was certain they were real for the majority of the book! And I do hope they are! Also, when reading A's and K's sections you forget the other exists and had a section in their voice. That to me is the sign of a compelling book. I often find that when it comes to books with more than one voice I love one and can't wait to finish another one, but here, they were equally glorious.
The book misleads the reader wonderfully on many an occasion which I adored, but that didn't matter, it was still a superb read. In fact, I love being lead up the garden path when it comes to books. I hate being right and guessing correctly, it always spoils things!
The book is fantastic, its written in a perfect style, it is heart wrenching, it is heart breaking, it is an emotional rollercoaster and all you want is happiness for every single character! I have a big lot of love for this book, even though it's been on my shelf for years and I've been avoiding it like the plague.
Thank you LM and happy reading all!

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