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Monday 14 March 2016

Review: For the last time

Sorry I don't have a pic for this book, I can't find one, but it's from Bobaloo Books!

This is very different from JK's last book, Dear Beneficiary, which was a hoot! This book is far more intense, far more serious and far more brutal, it has a few light hearted moments, but only a few.

This book is all about Alan and his life of crime, remorse, trouble and horror. It takes you through many a twist and turn and you really get to like Alan, you really start to feel sorry for him and in the end even care for him. It made me feel thankful for what I've got and the opportunities I have been afforded.

JK has done well to write it from the view point of a dude, and the male voice coming from this lady worked for me, I was convinced. You can also tell that there has been some research into what life is like for prisoners and what a life of crime can entail.

There were only two bits I have to comment on that I didn't like. A predictable edge did kick in and continue through the novel after the first 3rd. Also, the last chapter annoyed me a bit, it was rather moralistic and didn't really add anything to the book.

Overall, I enjoyed this read, it's a good look at the life and times of a murderer, a murderer who you really like!

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