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Monday 21 March 2016

Review: The Leaping

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
So, I've had this book and two other TF books for bloody ages and TBH I've not really fancied them as horror novels don't always wash with me. But I fancied a change, and I've not read any JF published books for a while.
I'll start off with this...this book, despite being a horror novel isn't as bloody and violent and horrific as one would expect. I was not grossed out, or upset, and when there was some of the grim stuff in play, it wasn't as in your face as it could be. It is creepy though, very creepy on several levels, mentally and heebie jeebie-y.
I really liked the two points of view, Jack and Francis. These are two very different characters and provide good variety to the novel. Also, I liked the friends dynamic as a whole. I enjoyed the concentration on one group of people and I thought the observations of interaction and thoughts was rather good.
This book is, well to me anyway, more about relationships with friends, family and one's self than the whole horror, scary, frightening monster thing. The scary stuff is a good basis to explore such themes and a very unique one and it works, but for me it wasn't the focus.
Also, I enjoyed the background of folklore and fairy tale, which took some of the scary edge off too.
Defos not what I expected, and in a very good way. Far more depth to this book than expected and I now look forward to reading the other two TF books in my possession.
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