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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Review: Dietland

Publisher: Atlantic
First off I'd like to start off by saying how weird it was that the day I started reading this book, a This American Life pod cast I was listening to talked about it.....it's a good pod cast in general so have a listen if you don't already!
This book is not what you think it will be...don't judge it by it's cover, don't judge it as chicklit....yes it may seem like it to an extent but it's far more hardcore...if anything, I'd call it anti chicklit! Yeah, I said it.....
For the characters, I loved Plum from start to finish and her metamorphosis is well deserved, I became very attached to her very quickly and all I wanted for the entire read was for her to be happy.
The Jennifer sections are told in a VERY different voice the whole way through. They bring a really dark element to this story. But I liked them as they seemed more factual, more real and less flight of fancy. Also, they were so stark to Plum's adventures that they gave real depth to the novel in places where it may have lacked.
This is a vibrant, warming and comforting story, which houses humour and horror all at the same time. It is a real female call to arms and coming of self book - I'm not saying coming of age as Plum isn't too young, she just needs to be herself.
Read this, read it all
Happy Reading

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