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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Review: The Natural Way of Things

I read this book a little while ago, but I'm only just getting around to reviewing it as I didn't really know what I was going to say about it...but I need to do it so here is what I think...
The cover is really misleading which is rather good. It's subtle in many ways at alluding to the content but still, it's so nice and flowery and happy! The blurb is really rather dark and makes this book sound more intense and dark than it actually is so don't let that put you off.
The book has a very interesting concept of a group of women with a link all being kept like slaves, like animals, but it's not totally unique. What I did find more unique was that this novel seemed to hold/describe/take shape of an analysis of behaviour and how people, captor or prisoner, begin to behave when there is no hope of escape. That was really interesting.
The characters and how people change in a situation such as this varied in how convincing each was displayed. Some seemed far to caricature-y while others were outright brills....odd mix.
For the ending, it thoroughly annoyed me. It was not enough to be acceptably setting up the book for a follow on but neither was it enough to draw any form of conclusion....grrrrrr. Also, it was too vague to even suggest to anything and if the book could have multiple paths as to what next.
Anyway, different in many ways, mundane in others, and not as twisted as you think.
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