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Tuesday 6 September 2016

Review: Punishment

Publisher: Corvus
Bloody hell! Completely forgot that I hadn't reviewed this little gem!!!
So, we are with Johanna and Adam who have become embroiled in a very horrible trail of kidnaps and murders. And from the word go, I was gripped.
Fantastic set up for Johanna getting involved, fantastic linking of a main plot and sub plot and great relationships all round between characters you like and characters you loathe! Very detailed, thoughtful and insightful writing all round in this novel. There are also many layers to this book which I thoroughly enjoyed and the translation is spot on!
Kristiane is a total babe and possibly one of my favourite characters and I look forward to delving in to her story and situation more in the other Anne Holt books that there are...please let Kristiane be around. 
The twist in the novel is OUT STANDING and I did not see it coming at all. So do enjoy that avid crime readers who can usually see a twist coming from 50 miles away! I'm not sure if I didn't see it because I was so enamoured with the writing and absorbed by the characters or just because it is so clever! Maybe a bit of both?

Over all this book is great. The characters are outstanding, the book has real heart, depth and feeling and I really cannot wait to read more.

I'm going to stop raving about the novel now in case I give something away!

Happy reading


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