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Tuesday 27 September 2016

Review: Tony and Susan

Publisher: Atlantic Books
This is a book republished after a time of being left behind and apparently it's to be turned into a film soon, how exciting. I will defos be VERY interested to see how they do that as this book is a rather unique one in concept.
So, we are with Susan who is reading a book about Tony that her ex-husband wrote, sent to her and asked her to read and review. That's the basics.
The female voice, Susan, is really very convincing, well done AW, the man, for writing this. I enjoyed it a lot. The Edward (ex-husband) book was also very convincingly created by AW. The tone and style of writing was very different and felt somewhat armature like and unsubbed by professional hand and eye.
What I don't know about the book is what I enjoyed more. I was compelled by the feeling of voyeurism, watching Susan read this book, her life around it and her feelings in and out of the book's grasp. I was also compelled by the story of Tony and Edward's book. It was interesting, it was good, it was basically a thriller/crime novel. What I do know is that I think this book is rather good.
Also, it feels rather timeless, despite being written so long ago. I didn't know it was an oldie to start and didn't notice the letter writing and the lack of mobile phones. So I think that's a good testament to its timeless way.
Defos give this a go
Happy Reading


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