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Sunday 20 May 2012

Review: The Testimony

Paperback: £ 12.99
Publisher: Blue Door

I didn't 100% know what this was about however, it sounded really intriguing and really creepy! There has been a broadcast, no one knows what, no one knows why, and they certainly don't know how. 26 people recant their time during and post Broadcast!

The Assistant had a quick snoop of the book when I first started reading it and said 'Oh I hate books that don't alter the narrative voice.' HE WAS WRONG! The narrative voice changes continuously between the 26 POV characters. The South African Drug Dealer has fantastic colloquialisms and dialect markings, the MP talks exactly like a posh boy buffoon and the Retiree is so dry and sarcastic it is brilliant! Sorry Assistant, you were wrong....tooo quick to judge.

The whole book was creepy and unnerving but that did not deter me from it at all. So so intriguing, so so intriguing. The creepy and unsettling/unnerving feature lasted through the entire read. I think that is because I was on a train for a lot of it and was so scared that something like The Broadcast would happen and everyone would go mental!

The Gamer character was pretty good. He was the exact image of disaffected youth. He was a real close up slap in the face about youth of the day. Well, for me anyway! I also enjoyed the reactions of all the different nations to The Broadcast. The US, Africa, India, Iran, Israel etc etc, all had reactions and all were described. They were almost stereotypical of the nations and I wasn't at all surprised by them. It was almost reassuring and comforting regarding the rest of the book which pretty much scared me!!

I had to love the Addams family reference! I hope you love it too! Also, have to point out the one error I saw, Tanya is referred to as Kathy in a later part of the book. OOOPS!

Anyway, have a read. Not a book I'd usually pick but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me think. Don't read it if you are a conspiracy nut or a paranoid though....you'll go more mental!

Happy Reading

Book Geek :-)

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