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Sunday 14 April 2013

Review: Nearest Thing to Crazy

Price: Afraid I don't know yet
Publisher: Cutting Edge Press

Since starting this book blogging and reviewing shizz, you may have noticed that I am a MASSIVE fan of all things CEP! And now I have another book to add to the list of reasons why I LOVE CEP. I also love MS Forbes and you all need to follow her on Twitter, @lizzieforbes.

NTTC is nothing at all like I expected. I imagined I dunno, something a bit more deranged and on the edge. The actual book was a wonderful surprise. From the first page I was totally hooked. The italics sections suck you in more than anything as they sound like a statement, a telling of a story that you don't want to believe is true!! The mundane life of people of a certain age with lots of dosh was made so, so, so intriguing.

As the story progresses and you develop your relationship with Cass everything becomes so intensely scary that you don't know what to do! You don't want to read on as you want Cass to be ok, you want someone to help her and look after her. Yet, you have to read on to make sure that things are ok....I'm not going to tell you if they are or not, you have to read the book.

Stunningly intelligent plot that scares the absolute shit out of you and makes you question your sanity (a tad of Catch 22 about it). It also makes you think about who your friends and family are and what exactly you know or don't about them. Read this book, read it now, it'll be appealing to all for so many different reasons and I really can't wait for Ms Forbes next delight to hit my face!!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

P.S. The jacket isn't here, however, I have seen it and it is spot on for the book! It is a clear, clear indication of mental madness, angst and manipulation!

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