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Monday 15 July 2013

Review: Control

Price: Not sure sorry
Publisher: Strange Chemistry 

This is the sequel to the glorious Shift and continues to delve in to the world of Aubrey and Scott and their wondrous and mysterious ability to shift. If you haven't read Shift, you will have to read it before Control as I don't think this would make allllll that much sense without it. 

It was wonderful to be back in this world and I was delighted to be surrounded by the characters once again. There is action from the beginning and the recaps were so sporadic and infrequent that they were totally spot on for me!!! I once again enjoyed KC's descriptive and in depth style of writing. It always allows me to picture things SOOOOOO clearly and vividly and it kept me once again sucked in to the glorious story!

It was marvellous to see some new characters in the mix (specially the evil ones) and keep in touch with the old. CP and Jake returned which was much to my immense joy as I love them so very very much!

The romance didn't make me feel sick and didn't make me feel fed up of the book which was a tremendous feat and something I have to congratulate KC for! I think I was down with the romance as I am now completely attached to A and S as a whole as well as individuals. However, I will say that the line 'it felt like a shot of anaesthetic to my soul' is possibly the worst and most cheesy thing I have read in my life....sorry KC!!

However, despite that one line, this was another excellent addition to the YA world with more action and intrigue that you can shake a stick at. I need KC to write an release the next book now, this very second as I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Fans of YA of any age should get in to this series as it is thoroughly enjoyable allll round!

Happy Reading

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