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Sunday 21 July 2013

Review: The Unquiet Grave

Price: £ 19.99 (hardback)
Publisher: Headline

So, let me begin. This isn't just one story, this is a mixture of murders and murderers and how one awesome arsed police officer (Brook) looks in to cold cases to see if he can in fact find out what the hell is going on.

In the beginning I found this book difficult to read. The first few chapters were all set in the past, at the times of three different murders. However, as time went on and we moved in to Brook's world, I was ok and began to enjoy the book. Brook is amazing, he is a total dude and really is one hell of a police man! His character was outstanding and I also really liked Noble, another cool cat police man.

I spent a long time trying to guess what would happen and who would be the murderer, however, I had absolutely no idea at all! The plot is woven with great care and I therefore couldn't even see a glimmer of who was guilty and who wasn't.

I was a tad disappointed with one aspect of the final resolution, I found it a bit too far fetched considering how down to earth and normal (if you can call murders normal) the rest of the plot was. However, the one final twist at the very end is fantastic and really did wonders!

It is rare for me to comment on covers but I will comment on this one as I don't really see how it has any relevance to the book. Did I miss something here?? I'd like to know!

Anyway, if you enjoy a good murder/mystery/thriller then pick this one up today. It's an interesting and intriguing read and you will end up wondering how anyone in Derby is alive or not in prison!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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