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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Review: The Silent Wife

Price: £ 12.99
Publisher: Headline

Hmmmmm, what to say about The Silent Wife. Well, I'll start with the characters. I didn't like them. Todd is basically a bastard and Jodi is boring as hell, however, she does improve slightly when she tries to protect the life she has become accustomed to when it becomes threatened by Todd's actions.

I enjoyed the style of writing. It was incredibly involving and the flicking of POV between Him and Her was a great way to see two sides of the same coin. To an extent it reminded me of A Post Birthday World where two different spins are put on the same events. Due to the style of writing I think I was far more drawn in to the book than I would have been otherwise. The story, I am afraid was a bit too predictable for me in many ways. It wasn't as gripping and shocking and intriguing as the publicity surrounding the book led me to believe. This was a massive let down as I was so, so excited to read the book!!!! Maybe, I felt let down due to the massive hype and I was expecting more than the book could give.

This is an incredibly well written book and you can see that ASAH has deep involvement with the characters. However, I am afraid to say, that I am not enamoured with this book. I wouldn't not recommend it to people, however, it wasn't for me and I won't be shouting from the roof tops about it! SORRY!

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