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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Harry Potter Challenge: The Goblet of Fire

Oh for god's sake! Why are we back to the shite that appeared in books 1 and 2? Book three was dark and twisty and intriguing and felt like a bit more of a grown up read...as I said, felt like to was written by someone else completely. Now we are back to this childish and annoying writing style with a childish and annoying plot that is full of childish and annoying characters.

The fallings out and the love triangles are just ridiculous. The books have back tracked. They have ceased to mature with the characters like three did and I am really disappointed!!!! The whole thing is now very repetitive and I am getting a tad fed up. Bring back the darkness, bring back the terror, bring back the maturity and the far more appealing and engaging style that was there before. Yes, the last 50 pages are a bit dark but for me it was too little, too late and too far fetched, even for HP!!!

The only thing I really enjoyed about this one was Winky. She was great, even Sirius didn't really do anything for me and I bloody loved him before!!!!

I am thoroughly disappointed and I am in no way enthused to read on as I was after finishing The Prisoner of Azkaban. SO FRUSTRATING!!

But I will plough on as it is my challenge...but I will have a break to read something good....well I hope the next reads are good!

Big Booos all round!

Book Geek

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