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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Review: Beyond His Years

Publisher: Self
Price: £ 3.01 (ebook)

This is the final installment of the train driver and rat trilogy. Read Above His Station and Before His Time, NOW! You will not regret reading any of these books as they are amazing and DC is a fantastic author and illustrator too!! YAY!

The humour is here again from the driver and rat. I love the characters completely and it's great to see a return of Astrid too as she is a total babe and I love her...have I mentioned that before?? The rat's film, music and TV references have returned and they are spiffing, remind me of Fickle Mate once again and it's always funny. Particularly enjoyed the Star Wars theme in this book! BRAVO!

The story keeps you turning the pages one again and the self referencing and self awareness of the story and novel writing and the narration is brilliant as it makes the whole thing SO personal and really does suck you in to the story. But don't worry, the whole thing is just as mental as ever and I am still in awe of DC's brain. I am one of his biggest fans I do believe!!!! 

The conclusion for the trilogy was 100% satisfactory and it was so so lovely and endearing but sad too. Sad as this means no more Rat and Driver especially. I've really loved this trilogy and am so so happy to have read all three, reviewed all three and to have been sucked in to this crazy narrative.

Do read them, they won't take long and if you don't love them and DC by the end, well, I'll eat my hat!

Happy Reading


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