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Monday 11 August 2014

Review: Divergent

Publiser: Harper Collins
Price: £ 7.99

This is the third read from my Chapter 5 Summer challenge. It is the dystopia!

So, we are in the USA, life has all gone a bit pear shaped and the society that has thrived is not the usual. Tris has some big decisions to make, and is in for a lot of adventure.

First off I would like to comment on how incredibly jealous I am that Veronica Roth is so bloody young and has written such a successful book, well series of books! Go her!!!

Now, on with the review.

I was gripped from page one. I only meant to read a few chapters the night I started it but I was up for hours and hours and just couldn't put it down. Well I did finally, but only after a big plot revelation!! The whole world that has been created, the idea of factions and choosings etc is great. I also love the names for the factions and what they all stand for.

When it comes to the characters I have VERY clear images in my head of what they all look like. I've had a look at the pics from the film (not actually seen the film) and they look nothing like I imagine. I in fact, prefer the images of them in my head. For example, I see the Dauntless as more gothy than black PVC jump suits. Also, Four is far more attractive in my head than the bloke who plays him in the film, and Tris is far more delicate looking and little than the girl who plays her..Anyway...enough of that till I've seen the film.

I am VERY excited to read the next one and see what happens as the political movements that are starting are brilliant. . This is not YA for that young a YA set as there is a lot of quite brutal violence and there are some sex references. I think it's for the 15 plus age group. I'm going to say something VERY controversial here, but I think I enjoyed this book more than I enjoyed The Hunger Games.....There are certain parallels, but I find that in the genre of YA dystopia there are and I have got over that. 

Happy Reading

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