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Thursday 4 September 2014

Review: The Glass Republic

Price: £ 14.99
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books

This is book two of The Skyscraper Throne. I read Book 1, City's Son just over a year ago and I wish I had read the two books closer together in many ways, however, I always tend to do this to myself, booo!!

But, moving on.

Pen is coming to terms with what has happened to her, or at least trying to, and Beth is doing the same. But when Pen must go on a hunt then things get rather mental and very very interesting!

This is like a modern day Alice Through the Looking Glass with some Alice in Wonderland thrown in for good measure and I bloody loved that about this book. Alll the sections in London-Under-Glass were awesome and if we moved away from there I was itching to get back to it. I loved the politics, the plot and the characters that were there. I also really enjoyed the small foray in to sexuality and Espel was a cracking character. Oh, and I think I have a bit of a crush on Garrison! BABE!

Back in our world, Jonny Naphtha is still as creepy as ever and still perfect for the job! His relationship with Beth is on the cusp of kinky and I like that. Maybe, reading this as an A rather than a YA is giving me that hint...was it intentional??

A great follow up to City's Son and it is filling the formula of the middle book which leaves you on a cliff hanger and gagging to read the next one! It is interesting that I could have read book 1 as a stand alone, and now I can't read this as one, however, I find that that is true of so many trilogies.

The only criticism I have of this book is the proof reading. I had a final hardback copy to read and well, there were a lot of mistakes that jumped out. It could be I noticed them because I am an editor by profession, I don't know. But anyway, don't let them detract from your enjoyment.

If you loved City's Son then get on this immediately! I have Our Lady of the Streets (book 3) at home ready to read pretty soon and I can't wait.

Happy Reading


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