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Tuesday 9 September 2014

Review: The Room

Price: £ 9.99 hardback
Publisher: Hogarth (Vintage Books)

Well, I don't quite know what to make of this. I have literally just finished it and well, I feel a bit out of sorts. 

Bjorn works at the Authority, and has a special Room where he likes to go...however, is it really there?

First off, the translation was excellent, totally cracking. This is a Swedish novel, and the translation is top notch. Sometimes in translations you get the odd sentence that doesn't read all that well but there wasn't a single one here! Hooray, and it's even a proof and not the final thing. 

The whole book made me feel rather on edge, a bit mental and a bit neurotic during the times I was reading it. Wahhh! I was feeling really anxious. I didn't know what I wanted for Bjorn. Did I want the room? Did I want it to come out that he was mentally ill? What exactly is The Authority? Why was he there? Arrrgh! I really don't know what to think.

I am glad I read this book as I can see that it is very thought provoking, it looks at many things that out society doesn't always (well I think it does...mental illness for example...but then again, I could be reading a lot in to it...I am afraid I do that sometimes). But anyway, as I was saying, I am glad I've read this book and I think it's going to stick in my mind for a good long while as I'm not 100% sure what I think about The Room as an entity.

Anyway...an odd review this one...but it was a very unique read!

Have a go? (When it comes out next year that is)

Happy Reading


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