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Thursday 11 December 2014

Review: Knife Edge

So then, Noughts and Crosses has been read as has short story Callum, so now it's book two which picks up a time after book one ended and there was a short story written in between, but I read that after so that comes later on...I think...in review land. 

So, I was 4% in and already found I missed Callum. I also found Sephy's parts rather tedious in the beginning but it was great to get to know Jude...even though he has many issues and is rather scary.

Sephy's parts just seemed very superficial and I know they are still making social comments and what have you but they didn't have the depth, grit and balls that Jude's did. However, Sephy did say the best thing she has ever said, 'I'll kick you ares so hard you'll be wearing your bum cheeks for ear muffs.' POssibly the best line ever in books! Well...YA books!

I could almost sympathise with Jude on occasions and that scared me. It also showed how good the writing is to stir passion in the reader on the side of the slightly deranged terrorist type character!

Also, it was good to see the story develop from Meggie and Jasmine's POV. I hope all that continues in to the next books.

Overall, yeah it's an alright series. I still really don't like Sephy, but I think that may just be me...but we will see as time goes on.

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