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Friday 2 January 2015

Top 10 of 2014

Happy New Year one and all!

As promised, here is my top 10 for 2014 and the usual worst book!
Sorry about the fact that one book hasn't been reviewed in full on the blog yet...it's the back log you see! I will however review it soon.

These are in no particular order!

1. Season to Taste
Gloriously different, weird and disturbing all at the same time. A real unique read that is so dark you won't know what to do with yourself. But it's worth it!

2. The Machine
Fans of JS must read this book! Fantastic plot and excellent writing style as always. Something a bit different once again!

3. Dead Stars Parts 1+2
If you haven't read the Emaneska series yet, you need to read it now! These are the concluding parts and they are fantastic! Super books from such a young chap!

4. Who are you? 
Book number 2 from Ms Forbes and the fantastic people at Cutting Edge. Another book that will really wrench at the heart and shows just how insightful this author is.

5. The Judas scar
Another Cutting Edge book as they keep churning out the gems! A real page turner with excellent characters and another wonderfully dark and disturbing plot.

6. Fool's assassin
The LONG AWAITED return of Fitz and the Fool! All you could hope for and more from the legend that is Robin Hobb! BRING ON THE NEXT ONE!

7. Shadow magic series 
Spiffing epic comedy fantasy series from The Friday Project. Brilliant series of fun, adventure and totally amazing babes!

8. How to build a girl
A quirky coming of age book from the always brilliant Caitlin Moran! Funny, sad, honest, one for all to read!

9. The Amber Fury
Now, I haven't written a full review of this yet, but I will when I catch up with my backlog. Let's just say...wow!

10. The Keeper
Another instalment of the psycho police man that is Sean! It's chilling, gripping and intense! READ IT!

Finally the worst book I read this year is........
THE BOOK OF LIFE...full review here!

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