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Tuesday 19 January 2016

Review: Ecko Endgame

Publisher: Titan Books
This is the last and long awaited Ecko book...but damn do I wish I had read the others closer to it.
I know that the other two were awesome and I loved the mash up of fantasy and scifi as the two world's collided but damn the plot points are most vague now...however, I did remember enough to get on board with this book and find it to be a darn good conclusion to a rollercoaster of a journey.
The characters continued to be complex, layered and mental in all their own special ways. And whilst the contrast of fantasy and scifi wasn't so stark in this final instalment, the lines of good and evil were blurred beyond recognition and that was AWESOME.
The changes in the characters as they went on with their own battles also made the conclusion of this book really satisfactory. It was full of passion and sadness but joy did rear it's head.
It's been a great trilogy to read and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. But a word to the wise, read them close together.....
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