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Friday 22 January 2016

Review: The Finding of Martha Lost

Publisher: Doubleday
I was rather thrilled when this came through my letterbox as not only do I love Caroline and her work, but I was exited to get my mits on this from the moment I heard it was being written! BOOM
I'm going to start with the style. CW defo has one and it's a style that I adore. I find it wonderful to read and get stuck into and it always feels like it's come from a very emotional and deep place. It's gorgeous.
Now the characters. They were amazing and all in their very own ways. Martha was so individual and unique and naïve, yet warm and troubled and loving. William was a total babe and well, what can I say about Elizabeth but, wow, I fell in love with her a little.
Then the bad guys, well, Max is such a twat and he was a really good meany of a character. And Mother....urrrrgh!
The story was lovely also, you can see that CW loves Liverpool and did an epic amount of research on the Beatles. And being a big Beatles fan this aspect went down a treat! 

I was talking to Book Cunt about this read over a glass or 5 of wine on Monday night, and yeah, I agree, this is a fairy tale style novel, but it's a fairy tale for grown ups. You'll laugh, you'll love, you'll cry and you'll really hate, but in the end, you'll leave this book feeling happy and joyous.

A really great read from a very talented author.

Happy Reading


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