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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Review: The Hitchcock Murders

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press
I read this book a long, long time ago so I'm running off notes, again, sorry, do forgive me, I will catch up!!...
I will start with this, I met GC at a CEP book launch once. He's a really nice chap and we had a really good laugh....so I'm going to feel rather bad that this isn't going to be the most positive review...however, this shows you allllll how impartial and brutally honest I am.
I'll start with the positives:
- I liked how the book touched on the whole racism/pc-ness of life is taking over in the police force and the grabby hands of politics are getting in the way/controlling things.
I'm afraid I now go on to the middles:
- This would make a great Luther-esque TV series. It would be brilliant on the screen.
- The main characters would be even better on TV than they are in the novel, it seems to be a series pitch and not so much novel.
Now the bad, I'm sorry:
- This doesn't really fit into the CEP realm for me. The books CEP publish are all unique and you wouldn't necessarily find a publisher elsewhere brave enough to print them. This was just too main stream and run of the mill....bums.
- Also, the book is conflicted with there being not enough to pad a novel but at the same time too much in some scenes for the written word to 100% convey what's going on. The multiple plots were too much for a book such as this but at the same time, it was too trivial and superficial for a novel.
All in all, this would be a great TV series and I look forward to watching it!

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