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Monday 29 February 2016

Review: Tastes Like Fear

Publisher: Headline
I've been friends with Marnie for a while now so I was thrilled to have the latest book she features in plop onto my door mat!
To start off, if you loved Noah before, you'll love him even more after this book. He's a fab character and I love his backstory, life and family. He's got great context and a good few layers that add depth to the sub plots of these books. Marnie is also still a babe! don't worry there!
I also really enjoyed how SK is still an underlying factor for Marnie and her work. He is still trying to be the puppet master. Even though his roles are minor he is still a big factor when Marine is in play and his sinister presence is great.
I wasn't totally convinced with how the conclusion as to who Harm is was achieved. It seemed to be very sudden and blurred. I would have liked a clearer thread to him...that would have been good. Also, I wasn't 100% convinced about Harm being Harm until almost the end, but it's worth getting there, persist, it's worth it!
In all, a good thriller that will keep you turning pages. The story is just what you thought it would be, and it was a pleasure to get to know Noah and Marnie even more.
Hoping for another one!

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