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Sunday 8 April 2012

Review: The Clash of Kings

Paperback: £ 8.99
Publisher: Harper Voyager

OOOOOOOOOO What an amazing read!!!! I thought I loved Game of Thrones, I'm completely in love with Clash of Kings. I neve thought I would like any book more than Game of Thrones but it appears I have!!

Let me start however with my only criticism!! I fristly thought there wasn't enough of the Dany storyline. What with my being in love with her I was terribly upset that she wasn't about much. But, by the 2nd time she appeared, I wasn't at all happy with her story. It seemed a bit pointless, ridiculous and weird. My Bf's flatmate who has read alllllll the books agrees that they Dany story at this point is a bit daft. Any way, that's the only complaint!!

Moving on...

I love Tyrion. I am actually now in love with him loads and loads! He's funny, charming, obnoxious on occasion and a proper schmooooooozer. He features far more prominiently and for that I am truly thankful. His story lines are also very very exciting and the main thrust, well in my eyes, of the whole plot.

I enjoyed Sansa's story lines more than I did before. She wasn't as winey and useless and wet as she appeared in the first book. Hoooray! I thought I'd end up killing her if she stayed as SHIT!!!!!!! I now hate Theon. That is all I'll say on that matter.

 I thoroughly loved the story. It was action filled and rather violent. Not sure that people without an imagination and a bit of a 8 year old boy side (that is so not meant to sound weird and perverted but it does a bit doesn't it) to them will enjoy it as much as they should. There are of course bits without violence and action...but as the title suggests......not many.

I still think the fact that each chapter is from a single character's point of view. I still think it's a fantastic idea and I think it gives fantastic access to many parts of the tale as a whole! 

I'm sorry this is a short one but I don't want to release spoilers for anyone!!! That would make me a bit of a bitch!

Happy Reading!!

Book Geek

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