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Monday 23 April 2012

World Book Night: My Big Fat Book Adventure

In honour of World Book Night, I thought I'd share my Big Fat Book Adventure with you all.

Be warned, it isn't that exciting.....

Here is my book choice:
Isn't it a beauty??

Friday 20th April
11:30 pm ish: The boy is here at last!! I'm explaining the concept of World Book Night to him. I tell him I'm a Giver, to which he bursts out laughing....perverted mind that boy.

Saturday 21st April
3:15 pm ish: Go to Farnham Waterstones with the boy to collect my books! He keeps giggling that I'm a giver. The Waterstones ladies are thrilled I'm there to collect my books. They make a joke about the back room being filled with World Book Night boxes. One lady also says how happy she is to see so many people in Farnham love reading and want to share books they love with their community.

3:20 pm ish: Waitrose is next to Waterstones and we need to pick up food for dinner. The books are put in the end of the trolley and get a lovely tour of the supermarket. They obviously enjoy it thoroughly.

Sunday 22nd April
11:30 am: Open my lovely box of lovely books!!! The boy is still in bed but I talk at him about them anyway and show him one of the books. I'm VERY excited.

12:18 pm: I've now filled in 10 of the plate pages.....off I go to do more!!!

12:28 pm: Book plates all filled in!!! The boy is doing work. They are also in the bags for life I'm going to lug them in to work in! So organised.

7:38 pm: I've dropped the boy off at the station to go home :-( Called my Mum to say hi as haven't spoken to her properly since Thursday (I'm a busy bee). I tell her I picked up my World Book Night books yesterday and I explain the whole concept to her. She asks if I can keep one of the books back to give her when I'm in Wales next. Tell her it will be my pleasure. She knows what World Book Day is though as they hold events for it in her school every year! YAY!

7:00 am: Alarm goes off, of course I hit snooze.

7:08 am: Alarm goes off again, I hit snooze again.

7:16 am: Alarm goes off. I did not hit snooze but decided to actually get up! Well...actually, I fell back asleep till 7:21 am. I then did indeed wake up and carry on with my morning.

8:03 am: Arrive in the office after lugging the bags of books all the way from the car park to the office. Boss, Newest Girl Colleague and Newest Boy Colleague are in the office. Drop the books on each desk.
Newest Girl Colleague has read The Road before but told her that she can pass it on to someone else.
Newest Boy Colleague was most excited to receive it as he has heard good things about the book....not the film. Also said that as so many were being given out in the office the value of the book has significantly dropped.
Left a copy in the kitchen for The Tea Lady as she always talks to me about books. She's odd but lovely.
I now have 2 left!

8:24 am: Swedish Colleague sees the book on her desk and announces that she will read it on the plane when she goes on her work trip next week. However, then starts to worry about it being scary but Newest Girl tells her it's sad not scary.
Sly Colleague is most excited to see it! Thanks me profusely in her usual way. Never know if it's false or not! Sly, very sly!
Miserable Colleague is his usual unenthusiastic self but says thanks.
The Boss tells me that he's read No Country For Old Men and that the bigger boss has read The Road and he is most grateful for the book. The Boss has heard of World Book Night! WOOOOO!

8:56 am: Email from Slut Colleague reads 'Thanks for the book (my name went here) :-D'

10:13 am: Swedish Colleague is really scared that The Road will not let her sleep for a week. But she will give it a go, YAY!!! Maybe in the day time hours with all the lights on though!

11:00 am: Written a note to stick on the book that I'll leave in the gym. Now need to think what to write on a note for the book I'm going to leave in the supermarket.

1:36 pm: I've now written the note to go on my supermarket book and here it is!!!!

5:08 pm: I am changing in the gym. I leave the book avec note on the bench in the changing cubicle I'm in...skills!

6:28 pm: I'm in the supermarket next door to the gym picking up a few bits for dinner and I leave the book in the bread row. I feel like a right willy so don't take the photo till the coast is clear!

7:31 pm: I'm now at home. My books are free and my giving has been done! I hope you enjoyed giving out your books if you were a giver! I hope you enjoy your book thoroughly if you have come across one during your day.


Book Geek 

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