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Sunday 23 December 2012

Review: Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula

Publisher: Titan Books
Price: £ 7.99

I read a new Sherlock Holmes novel from Guy Adams a while ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was far better than anticipated and ended up being a pleasant surprise. Now....let's move on to this one.

There was an excellent set up for this book with the foreword etc, I was pleased with that. LE has great Holmes knowledge and has obviously done his homework. HUZZAH! The voice of Watson was also superb. Again, this was a clear indication of the amount of research LE has done. However, you could tell on occasion that this was written by someone of American persuasion due to the turn of phrase.

I sadly was not convinced by the relationship/inclusion of Van Helsing with Holmes. Or to be honest, vamps and Sherlock. I know that this is a new spin on Holmes and all that jazz but I do feel that this is a bit too far fetched for the world of Holmes. Holmes as a bounty hunter type figure didn't work for me.

The novel was indeed a page turner and yes it was fun to read, however, I would not recommend it for anyone who is a die hard Holmes fan. It's worth a read but you will have to try to forget the fact that it is a Holmes novel!

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