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Thursday 15 May 2014

Review: The Humans

Price: £ 3.32 ebook
Publisher: Canongate Books

I read The Radleys many moons ago, before I started this blog and I enjoyed it. I can't believe it has taken this long to read The Humans. In the book, AM has gone through a bit of a change, and he's having to live his life with humans to complete a mission set by The Hosts.

I can tell you now that this book broke my heart. Yes, there are some incredibly dry and funny bits and it did have me sniggering, but on the whole, I found the book overwhelmingly loveable and tragic and distressing and uplifting and ahhhh everything to be honest. I found it a really emotionally draining book, but don't worry, I enjoyed the book thoroughly. 

It's like a reverse Hitchhiker's Guide and I thought that was awesome, as I loved Hitchhikers Guide when I read it about a million years ago. I loved AM, well the AM we meet, I loved Gulliver and Newton was an absolute legend! I'm delighted he is on the cover.

I don't really know if anyone else found this book sad as the morality of AM kicked in but, I'd like to know if you did. 

Do read this book, and read The Radleys. They aren't at all what you would expect and they really are beautiful reads, especially The Humans. It is truly glorious!

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