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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Review: Who Are You?

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press

This is EF's second book, the first Nearest Thing to Crazy was stonking and I love EF so I was totally over joyed to have this pop through my letter box.

Alex, Juliet and Ben are a little family. Alex was in the army and it has had a big impact on him. Juliet doesn't really know who he is any more.

The story is awesome. I was hooked from the off and completely torn as to what to think about who and what and why. I started off feeling sorry for everyone, despite my conflicting emotions, but the torment and the manipulation and refusals of help ruined that and I just couldn't go on with such thinly spread pity and empathy. I ended up forming a very strong bond to Juliet, but, due to the smooth creation of Alex, there was always a niggling feeling about her in the back of my head. And I did keep wondering, who is really right and how is Ben going to cope with either or both of them? wahhh! I know which side I should have been on throughout the entire book...it's just, damn that writing. It really ruined me and confused me!

Many, many emotions were provoked, and I ended up having nightmares at one point. The book, the characters, everything completely got under my skin and I'm so very pleased that I had a proof copy without this cover as that would have terrified me and disturbed me further. 

Exactly like NTtC, this book will absorb you, scare you, wrap you up and envelop you, then chew on you for a bit and spit out as a total wreck that, despite everything, thinks the book is amazing.

Happy (I think) reading



  1. I'm so excited there's a new book! Nearest Thing to Crazy was one of the best things I read last year :)

  2. Yay, I have a copy TBR and, although I expected it to be awesome, I'm glad to know it will be. After the success of NTtC I know Lizzie Forbes will be excited to hear this one totally hit the mark again. Thanks for sharing.