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Friday 16 November 2012

Review: Mr Bison's Journal

Ebook: £5.15
Self published I believe

So, you've seen my previous school of Mr Bison posts as many a thing are pointed out in this 'ere ebook. However, here is my proper review.

This appears to be a collection of ponderings and short stories from a very crazy and odd mind! Many are funny, however some are funny in an obvious way...maybe that makes this appeal to a wider audience. However, with the repartition of some story lines/thought trains things get old on occasion! The collection is defo NOT for the prudish and weak of stomach and you will find this funny on the whole if you are of the right sense of humour and are in the right mood for it! 

My one big criticism is that some entries were blatantly full of homophobia and racism. These stories did spoil the odd bit of the collection and have tainted my whole view of this book. Bison does say well tough shit if you think I'm homophobic, and if that is his stand point he is entitled to it. However, I don't condone such rants at all! (I had to point this out as it really did get to me and disappoint me, even though I did enjoy the majority of the book and find it funny).

I particularly liked the parodies of fairytales! They were pretty clever as well as hysterical! The whole thing is kind of like having a really weird uncle who tells inappropriate stories in your pocket at all time!

OOO I have to mention the illustrations. They are amazing! I love the retro feel and their cuteness. They are a total contrast to the crude humour of the book. I would even like prints of a few of them on my wall.

All in all, a funny read the majority of the time. You just have to ignore the entires you will no doubt find a bit offensive.

Happy Reading

Book Geek 

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