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Thursday 15 November 2012

The School of Mr Bison: Part 2

Those of you who are avid readers and mega fans of this blog will have noticed that Part 1 of this school of wisdom appeared earlier in the month. I was just under half way through when I shared 50 factoids, tid bits, nuggets some may say from Edward Bison and the things I realised whilst reading his ebook. I AM STILL NOT FINISHED but, here are 50 more things I have learned/had reinforced:

51. Mummy Geek and Brother Geek are loo roll fiends
52. Bison is loo roll obsessed
53. Bacon or Sex is the new pub debate
54. Becoming your parents is inevitable
55. Bison is toilet obsessed too
56. Gay marriage is not there for comedy purposes
57. I stand for minimal chest hair
58. You can laugh a woman in to bed
59. Dogs are cool
60. Men are perverts in the summer
61. Avoid Ambien
62. Novelty ties are not welcome gifts
63. There are serial cat murderers in this world
64. Porn is a rite of passage
65. Never rent shirts
66. I am so excited for Christmas
67. Trilby hats are for winners
68. Some docs tests are more upsetting than words can describe
69. Budgies are not proper pets
70. Kids are way smarter than you think
71. Everyone should read the etiquette book 'Four Weddings, A Funeral and When You Can't Flush The Loo'
72. What's wrong with mascara?
73. People can really surprise you with their intolerance and closed mindedness
74. There is actually an American who doesn't love the UK
75. Shaving is the invention of Satan
76. Don't create unnecessary embarrassment for yourself
77. Humour is lonely when it is repetitive
79. People really do collect any old shit
80. There is more than one Nurse Bridget
81. I will never have flat mates ever again
82. Oust is helpful sometimes
83. How does one look like a fish in a dress?
84. You're is you are. Your is your!!!!!!!
85. If you send a Christmas letter you are defo a dick
86. What's wrong with a shovel?
87. Water bars sound boring
88. Civil rights are thrown around far too much
89. Hopper is another word for loo
90. I hate the phrase 'back in the day'
91. Bison is a dentist wuss
92. The loo roll obsession is serious
93. There are seasonal knit ware catalogues
94. Poo is for the loo
95. I will never think of Snow White in the same way again
96. Naturists are brave
97. Humans just don't bend 'that way'
98. Activia yoghurts make me ill
99. Toilet obsessions scare me
100. It is true, foreign sweets often ming.

The next one will probs come with the review

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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