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Monday 5 November 2012

The School of Mr Bison: Part 1

At the moment, on the Kindle app for iPhone I am working my way through this little gem:

Whilst this is not a proper review (one will rock up somewhere in my musings upon Mr Bison's book), I thought I would share with you the stuff I have learnt, gleaned, discovered, decided so far. I am doing this in instalments as I am not even half way through but have already expanded my self knowledge a great deal and I would like to share the nuggets with you!

Hope that is ok....so here we go:

1. There is farting advice to be found everywhere
2. Red riding hood is a slut
3. Always avoid erectile disfunction meds
4. Everyone hates airlines
5. Toilets in Japan sound awesome
6. There is an alternative use for shower caps
7. Boxer dogs are not for me
8. Boobs aren't everything
9. Stories about nose picking make me feel sick
10. Hannibal had a friend
11. Farting in public really can silence a crowd
12. Big Ben doorbells are for losers
13. Harry Potter could have been good if JKR had made an effort
14. Dog penis soup exists
15. The boy would fit in well in the Mid West
16. Part of me misses school dinners
17. Money for losing weight sounds great to me
18. All airplane loos stink
19. It is of course universally easy to pull drunk girls
20. Purchasing toilet paper should not be done lightly
21. I hated Wednesday afternoons when I was in 6th form college
23. I want to see a bat up close
24. American marching high school bands are as weird as I thought
25. Time dysphasia sounds funny
26. What is all this about Richard Gere having animals up his bum? If someone would explain I would be thrilled!
27. Seen one safety demo, seen em all
28. Balance is necessary
29. Toilet roll companies actually have websites
30. Man draws/cupboards are universal
31.Valentine's day is for chumps
32. What is London Broil?
33. Groundhog life isn't always bad
34. Men have menopause too
35. It's good to say fuck
36. Always get a man in
37. Men think they are the only people who read on the loo
38. Dog poo can look like a stick
39. I really don't like the word clunge
40. Winde chimes are average
41. Snickers will never be the same again
42. Don't drink and write
43. Snoring is evil
44. BHS
45. Yay for the NHS
46. Don't push yourself too hard on hot days
47. I don't know what a traditional Chinese New Year gift is.......Help welcome here too
48. Drunk friends are equally funny and annoying
49. The Mona Lisa was a bit more than a craft project wasn't she?
50. Razor choice is overwhelming


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  1. When you put it like that, there's more in this book than I remember. I need to go back and read it again - it's better than I thought! Cheers!

  2. Hee hee, swell head!!!
    You ain't seen the review yet :-P
    Nor have I finished it for that matter!