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Friday 23 November 2012

Review: The Understanding of Women

Publisher: Self I believe
ebook Price: 96p

First off I must say that Miss Matthewson is lovely!! She can be found on twitter @J9London and she is a bloody daemon at Words With Friends.

Now, on to the important part...

Mummy Geek read only the first page of this novella but she was intrigued to read more. I thankfully read all of it and I was delighted to do so!

I thoroughly enjoyed the style of this piece. The sentence structure and language are very precise, to the point and somewhat blunt but with an edge of sarcasm, there is almost a tone of superiority but with a tongue in cheek edge and it is thoroughly enjoyable! The whole thing is written as if you are looking at it from a slightly higher plateau of knowledge and superiority.

The flashbacks are fantastic. They are written so well that you can see them very clearly in your head. The character descriptions are almost film like and you can almost see the person pop up and sort of stand around in their unique way for you to give them the once over!

With regards to the characters, Maybe-Meg is a total babe! I love her! She rules! James made me feel like I was on the edge of madness. The dude had a bit of a Catch 22 element about him which was unnerving but kept me on my toes. The characters as a whole really hit a cord with me and they reminded me of very specific friends of mine. I would name them but then that would be mean and my anonymity may be gone forever!!

The story felt like it should be sad but, it made me feel hopeful. In a word, this novella is, beautiful!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

P.S. I wish all tube drivers were like the one in this story!!

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