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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Indie series: Big Green Adventure!

The big green adventure started many moons ago when I used to have a normal person twitter account and I used to follow these guys (@biggreenbooks). Then, as they ruled, when I started this here blogging I took them with me. Then a little while ago I bought Born Weird from them (P+P is free you know). However, shit got real when I popped along to visit the shop with the one and only @bookcunt.

We spent a jolly hour or so chatting with Simon and even signed the infamous wall (the below pics...obviously). We also selected a few piles of books to take home with us including Splinters by Joseph D'Lacey which is published by BGBS' very own publishing line Timeline Books! HUZZAH!!!. 

After experiencing the JOY that was BGBS as an actual shop, I took Boy Geek along to the comedy night (last Friday of every month). At this we met TIM!!! The other half of the BGBS duo, HUZZAH!!! The comedy night was cracking. It's BYOB (Tim gave us an occasional table on which to rest our wine...pic below of the glorious table/stool and other things from the night), funny and full of warm and friendly people (audience, comedians, compare and Tim alike). It's only £5 and is worth evert penny! Defo something to go to!

BGBS is more than just a shop, it's a place that the community embrace and those from outside the area too! The schedule there is jam packed with everything from the knitting circle to songs and stories for smalls. Do check out their website for loads and loads of shizz that is happening there and make sure you go and say hi and buy a book if nothing else. Lovely place, lovely people and a great collection of books (including loads from the Indie publishers you should all read).

Enjoy the adventure!!!

Book Geek

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