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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Review: The Mannequin House

Price: £ 19.99 (hardback)
Publisher: Creme de la Crime

I don't often comment on the physical qualities of a book, but on this occasion I would like to say two things. I loved the fact that the hardback had the cover design printed on it underneath the dust jacket. Also, I was thrilled with the layout; when one chapter ended, if there was room on the page the next one began. This layout pleases me muchly, I'm not a green freak but this just seems like common sense to me.

Now on with the story...
This is a crime novel set in the days of the Model T. Ford. It feels as if it is an original of that time, the language and tone is spot on and I didn't notice any slips in to a modern vernacular or the use of a modern out of place word. I was totally immersed in the time and the story. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the moments of light humour that are sprinkled throughout.

Quinn is a wonderful character and just my type of guy too. Dark and twisty and unsure and uncertain but at the same time confident and assured. He had layers that were fascinating and made you want to know more about him, and he is no doubt VERY dashing in an older man kind of way. 

The book has many tender and heart wrenching moments that are dealt with beautifully. The undeniable sadness of the whole book is endearing and something to enjoy, even though that is a very odd thing to say.

The only one pitfall for me was the continuous Sherlock Holmes referencing. It drove me a tad loopy on occasion and seemed a bit self conscious. However, Mr M can be forgiven for that very easily as this is a delightfully written book that was a really enjoyable page turner as well as being touching, exciting and entertaining. I am indeed interested to read more from Mr M.

Happy reading

Book Geek

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