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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Review: The First Book of Calamity Leek

Publisher: Hutchinson
Price: £12.99 (hardback)

Wow! Really, wow! I just don't quite know what to make of this book. It is through the eyes of the teenage Calamity Leek who lives a very strange life in a VERY strange place with VERY strange rules. The whole book reads as if it is written by a poorly educated child, however, when you get used to it, it is rather endearing and real and easy to read. 

The book is so bloody odd and for a long time I had no idea what the hell was going on. However, I got sucked in and it kept me reading. I was excited to read more and I was totally intrigued. I enjoyed reading it hugely just to find out what the hell was going on! I had no idea in hell what was happening or why for a long time so I was thrilled to read more!

The book gets darker and more twisted as it goes on. It still isn't totally clear why certain things happen however, you get enough of the picture. At points, you forget that the darkness exists and you feel you are just reading a book about the bizarre life and the aftermath of events this poor group of girls, who seem to be in one VERY twisted sort of finishing school, are facing. 

I think this will be a marmite book for many. I also, don't really know what else to say about it as I don't want to give anything away and I don't really know exactly how to describe it. But, I will close with this, I very weirdly enjoyed this book and found it most intriguing. I would recommend giving it a read as it is truly unique and I don't think there is anything quite like it out there!

Happy Reading...well if you can read this happily

Book Geek

Indie series: Big Green Adventure!

The big green adventure started many moons ago when I used to have a normal person twitter account and I used to follow these guys (@biggreenbooks). Then, as they ruled, when I started this here blogging I took them with me. Then a little while ago I bought Born Weird from them (P+P is free you know). However, shit got real when I popped along to visit the shop with the one and only @bookcunt.

We spent a jolly hour or so chatting with Simon and even signed the infamous wall (the below pics...obviously). We also selected a few piles of books to take home with us including Splinters by Joseph D'Lacey which is published by BGBS' very own publishing line Timeline Books! HUZZAH!!!. 

After experiencing the JOY that was BGBS as an actual shop, I took Boy Geek along to the comedy night (last Friday of every month). At this we met TIM!!! The other half of the BGBS duo, HUZZAH!!! The comedy night was cracking. It's BYOB (Tim gave us an occasional table on which to rest our wine...pic below of the glorious table/stool and other things from the night), funny and full of warm and friendly people (audience, comedians, compare and Tim alike). It's only £5 and is worth evert penny! Defo something to go to!

BGBS is more than just a shop, it's a place that the community embrace and those from outside the area too! The schedule there is jam packed with everything from the knitting circle to songs and stories for smalls. Do check out their website for loads and loads of shizz that is happening there and make sure you go and say hi and buy a book if nothing else. Lovely place, lovely people and a great collection of books (including loads from the Indie publishers you should all read).

Enjoy the adventure!!!

Book Geek

Thursday 21 February 2013

Review: Born Weird

Price: £ 12.99 (hardback)
Publisher: The Friday Project

I was gently bullied in to reading an AK book by @bookcunt and procured this one from @biggreenbooks. Thank you for bringing it in to my life!

By page 20 I had laughed out loud, felt sad, confused and intrigued....a totally awesome start! It is truly infuriating how witty and intelligent AK is to have written a book that has so many layers! I probably don't even understand all of them as I am not the brightest spark but it is bloody wonderful to know that some how, they are there and mean something.

Annie/The Shark is amazing, I want to be a feisty old bitch like her! Fantastic lines, actions and character all round. Out of the Weird siblings, Richard was the most intriguing, but to be honest, I have absolutely no idea why. He just had an aura of mystery around me that lured me in....also I bet he is fit!

The end of the book had a bit of a Wizard of Oz feel to it and that was rather sweet. The end in itself was wholly satisfying and much enjoyed as I didn't really see how AK would end the thing.

Such a mental and bloody off the wall book that you will love it instantly. If you don't then I'll hunt you down and beat you. Defo one to add to the 'to read' list for so many, many reasons! I'm going to be reading more AK, that's for sure.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Review: The Mannequin House

Price: £ 19.99 (hardback)
Publisher: Creme de la Crime

I don't often comment on the physical qualities of a book, but on this occasion I would like to say two things. I loved the fact that the hardback had the cover design printed on it underneath the dust jacket. Also, I was thrilled with the layout; when one chapter ended, if there was room on the page the next one began. This layout pleases me muchly, I'm not a green freak but this just seems like common sense to me.

Now on with the story...
This is a crime novel set in the days of the Model T. Ford. It feels as if it is an original of that time, the language and tone is spot on and I didn't notice any slips in to a modern vernacular or the use of a modern out of place word. I was totally immersed in the time and the story. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the moments of light humour that are sprinkled throughout.

Quinn is a wonderful character and just my type of guy too. Dark and twisty and unsure and uncertain but at the same time confident and assured. He had layers that were fascinating and made you want to know more about him, and he is no doubt VERY dashing in an older man kind of way. 

The book has many tender and heart wrenching moments that are dealt with beautifully. The undeniable sadness of the whole book is endearing and something to enjoy, even though that is a very odd thing to say.

The only one pitfall for me was the continuous Sherlock Holmes referencing. It drove me a tad loopy on occasion and seemed a bit self conscious. However, Mr M can be forgiven for that very easily as this is a delightfully written book that was a really enjoyable page turner as well as being touching, exciting and entertaining. I am indeed interested to read more from Mr M.

Happy reading

Book Geek

Friday 15 February 2013

WOC's book

If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I have read Wedding Obsessed Colleague's book. I am now in a state of dilemma. It isn't an actual book you can buy but, if one day it gets somewhere I want you all to buy it and maybe, if I make a hoop ha about it, when publishers receive it, they may remember coming across a review of it and think, ooooooooo, people like it already, let's consider it (not that I actually have any influence at all...but I like to dream).

So, for now I'm going to give a basic wow it is amazing review and tell you a tad about it. Then one day, I may be able to reveal it in all its glory.

The book is a YA epic sent in a land shrouded in dystopia! It's set in a future UK that has been divided and fallen to rack and ruin. You see the whole book through the eyes of the main female character and follow the journey she takes with her male companion.

It may be a bit toooooo adult for those under the age of around 15 as it deals with assault, abuse, sex and politics. There is angst and pain and action and you become totally absorbed in the whole thing.

WOC has written a book before and I wasn't overly enamoured with the plot idea so never read it. This book is a whole other kettle of fish. It is fantastic, nothing like I expected and I am now going to bully her to write the next instalment.

Publishers, if you are sent a dystopian novel manuscript that sounds like this, contact me and I will confirm! You will be fools not to unleash this cracker to the world!!

Weird post now over!


Book Geek

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Review: Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver

Publisher: The Friday Project
Price: £ 7.99

As I'm sure you all know by now, I'm not one to beat about the bush and I'll give you my truthful opinion from word go, regardless of who sent me the book, who wrote the book, you know, all that shizz. So, let's commence...

When I started reading this book I hated it! I found the driver to be patronising and irritating and to be honest I wanted him to piss off, shut up and stop thinking he was such a big bloody deal! Boooo him! I even complained to Boy Geek about how annoying the book was and how much I didn't like the driver.

However, as I sat in a bar at Heathrow Terminal 3 for 5 hours on Sunday I actually changed my mind. I had to give this book time, I had to embrace it for all it was worth and take it with the tone in which it was given. I had to get in to it, to put it simply. By the end of it, I realised that the driver is just, your normal cab driver who has seen some crazy things in this world, as well as some horrible ones and that he actually has a lot of funny, intelligent and insightful things to say about people and about life. 

The book is split in to themed sections and cover everything you would expect to find in a book from a NY cab driver. Here are a few comments on the sections I liked in particular:

- Sex
Everyone's favourite topic and I would have possibly cried if this hadn't featured. The audacity of come people is amazing and hats off to the driver for putting up with what must have been some of THE most awkward situations ever known to man. However, I am jealous of their bravery. Oh and the last story of this section was gorgeous and written with a lot of feeling!

- Crime
Dude, it's The Big Apple, there is the mob, there has to be crime! The stories were cliched and expected and what you needed in this book!

- Celebs
Weirdly, my favourite story in the entire collection appeared in this one....I would like you to guess which one and 10 geek points if you do. 

- Crazies
I bloody love them, they are great and I was delighted to have a section focusing on them. The sheer lack of comprehension was superb.

- Hustlers
This was an interesting section as it told you all about NY. It was also a bit more serious which was cool as the book took on a totally different tone.

- Road Rage
This section made me angry, really angry, the world is full of bellends.

- At Journey's End
The woe and melancholy I felt at the end was incredible. Well done driver on being able to write so beautifully and with such passion.

Happy Reading

Book Geek


Thursday 7 February 2013

Review: The taste of apple seeds

Price: £ 12.99
Publisher: Atlantic Books

You've got to love a book that surrounds dark things like death and dementia and unspoken scandal that could tear apart families. I didn't know if I'd like this book or not, as on the surface it seems all rather girly and that isn't me AT ALL. However, the underlying darkness sucked me in and captured me and that is what made me thoroughly enjoy this book and want to read it. 

I really enjoyed the characters. Iris is so normal. She thinks and does normal things, has normal emotions and goes through normal inner turmoil about love and family. I could see a little bit of me in her. When it came to Max, I could see a little of Boy Geek in him. I think that helped me enjoy the book too on the whole. The plot at times was a tad predictable, however, it wasn't predictable in an annoying way. It made you feel comfortable and safe and made the book even nicer to read. Yet, the overriding feeling was that this was a set of inter spliced character studies. And I love a good character study so this was right up my street.

Dementia is looked at in a very careful and calm way. It's a very sensitive portrayal of a disease that can ruin lives and relationships. It made me think that maybe KH has had experience with it in her life. Also Naziism was dealt with in a very subtle way also. It didn't seem shocking and hit you round the face as it often does in books. Even though the book is set in Germany, it didn't feel alien. I was reading it as if it were on my back doorstep. The only part that was alien was the Naziism, and even then, because it was brief it didn't detract from my feeling that this book was set somewhere I knew. I would be interested to find out if this is a translation and where the author is from and wrote this book. 

So, as usual I'll create my closing few lines. A very surprising book that I think you should give a chance. I enjoyed it greatly and would say that it is a great read for a lot of people! It is dark but not so dark that you'll feel depressed and sometimes, you have to admit, dark and twisty isn't always what you need. Thanks for sending me this Atlantic Books, it was a lovely surprise!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

Sunday 3 February 2013

Review: The Unreliable Life of Harry the Valet

Publisher: Windmill Books
Price: £ 7.99

You may have noticed that I don't tend to read millions upon millions of autobiographies/biographies...I don't know why, I just don't really. Anyway, I read this one and it wasn't at all what I expected. 

First off, I didn't actually think it was going to be a bio, I thought it was going to be just a story about a Victorian jewel thief. It ruled though. From the intro, I had crazy dreams about being a con artist. They ruled and I enjoyed them muchly! Admittedly, I have no idea what the cons were as all I remember was the beginning of the con and the closing, what a rubbish con artist I really would be. 

The book reads like DH is writing down a story someone else is telling. It is really charming and it feels like DH really has a relationship with Harry, he has got under his skin and it feels like Harry means a lot to him. The entire thing is written with heart and compassion. 

I hadn't heard of Gaiety Girls before, as to be honest, history is not something I am any good at....that and geography. Anyway, Maude, the GG is a total and utter bint, I HATED HER COMPLETELY!! TOTAL BINT. The love for Harry was amazing and the hatred DH showed for her was clear. 

The F. Scott Fitzgerald reference was cracking btw. 

Lovely read, thoughtfully done! YAY

Happy Reading

Book Geek