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Tuesday 31 March 2015

A book that scares you: No Other Darkness

Publisher: Headline

We are back with Rome after the scary Someone Else's Skin. It was cracking to be back with her! However I was still super creeped out by how much she is actually like me! That was mega upsetting once again. I wish I could have remembered more of the last book, that annoyed me a tad, but I will live.

Noah was awesome once again and it was lovely to get to know him and his family a bit more. I was also pleased that Ron was less of a twat this time round! YAY!

The story was truly terrifying! It is scary that there really are people out there who are ill but are not getting the help they need. It worries me no end. I am a big advocate for mental illness support and this book shows why more help is needed. I know it's fiction, but what happened in the novel is not beyond the realms of possibility. What was also scary about the book was how nurture can really change people, even total 100% grownups. Somethings just make something go snap. It is a real worry!

There are many a twist in this book. Some you may find blindingly obvious and others you won't. Regardless of if you see them coming or not, they really do add to the unnerving and unsettling feelings this book gives you. A cracking read for those who are fans of thrillers or mysteries. But do make sure you read the first Rome book, you need the depth to really get to grips with the police characters!

Happy Reading


Friday 20 March 2015

A funny book: Dear Beneficiary

Publisher: Those lovely people over at Cutting Edge Press

I'm going to start by telling you that I really needed this book. It was the right book at the right time. THANK YOU CEP!

Anyway on with the review....

Cynthia is a pensioner with balls and she is finally living the life she always should have. Cynthia is a babe and I imagine her to be like Nora from Brothers and Sisters in every single way! She is awesome. Trace is also an excellent character and is just a superb caricature. The relationship between these two is beautiful in a way, as well as being VERY funny.

The humour in the novel is just right for me and the style of writing is superb. If you don't love it from page one I will be VERY shocked indeed! 

This really is a modern day and raunchy comedy of errors. However, it also shows you some of the darker sides of Nigeria and shows the plight that many suffer in the country. But, I do believe that the darker and sad undertones give the novel a lot more depth and broaden its appeal maybe!

An excellent book once again from CEP!
Thank you!

Happy Reading


P.S. I'm buggering off for a week on a work trip so may be quiet for a while. Try not to miss me!

Wednesday 18 March 2015

A book by a female author: The Schoolboy

Publisher: Cinnamon Press

I've followed this lovely lady on twitter for a while, she is an author and cat fan! YAY! So when the opportunity to read one of her books came about I jumped on it!

Nick is a school boy and a very scary and fucked up one at that. We are going to get to know him a bit...brace yourself!

Nick is so so so creepy! He is a terrifying teenage boy, the type you dread being around when you are a teenager and probably as a parent would dread being near your son and daughter! He was well constructed and it was interesting to read a book written from a teenage boy's perspective that is authored by a woman and a young woman at that. The only criticism I would have is that on occasion the vocabulary and turn of phrase was a tad adult, however, Nick is obviously intelligent so it did work in places.

The story and style were awesome, I loved the way that the narrative constantly alluded to what had happened in the past but didn't give it all away at once. The need to find out what the hell had gone on was a constant draw and HH is teasing the reader constantly, making you read on and on and on!

The whole book is dreadfully confusing, but in a good way as you constantly don't know who to believe. Is Nick a misguided youth who you can actually trust or is it Gravy who is the one who is on the side of right. Did people really lead Nick on and he is actually the innocent party. So many questions and you flip flop constantly!

The most terrifying thing about the whole novel however was how sexual violence is portrayed as being a woman's fault by the men involved. It really is horrifying and portrayed in a way that really hits you.

A really gripping read that is at the same time totally terrifying.

Happy Reading


Friday 13 March 2015

A book based on or turned into a TV show: Frozen Heat

Publisher: Titan Books

So, you probs all have heard of Richard Castle and his TV series. It's a pretty naff series but hey, sometimes you need that! I've read one before and that was based on Derrick Storm and called, Storm Front. This one is based on Nikki Heat!

Basically it's your usual high action, high cheese thriller/crime novel. It takes frequent twists and turns but there isn't really anything mind blowing. Also the end is all rather ridiculous and far fetched...but then again...the whole bloody thing was TBH!!!  

I will be honest, this was an easy read but I don't think I would go out of my way to read it. I'm sure fans of Castle will love it but it I have read better books. It's really commercial, of course ends on a cliff hanger and I'm wondering if it is sponsored by Apple!!!

I know this is a short review, but I honestly don't have all that much to say about it!



Tuesday 10 March 2015

A book from an author I love but haven't read yet: Lexi Drake, Tempus Fugitive

Avid readers of my blog will have noticed that I am a BIG Darren Craske fan! I love his books, I really feel like I get them and that they are for me! So, of course I was over the moon to get my mits on Lexi!

First off...A GIRL MAIN PROTAGONIST! BOOOOO YA!!! It's about time! YAY! She was alright as a character goes. She was a bit annoying at times and a bit OTT which made me think that maybe DC was trying a bit too hard to be a dude voicing a teenage girl, but it was a super good effort! Monty was an awesome character and I loved his sarcasm and Trunk was a total babe!! Excellent set of goodies who were VERY good! And the baddies were just as awesome and fell in the badie category 100000%.

The violence toward the end of the whole novel did shock me rather as it was the most graphic I believe it has been in any DC book I have read be they YA or A. So maybe for the older YA reader than the younger end of the spectrum this time! And of course, where would we be without a cliff hanger!


Spiffing read once again from one of my top authors! Do give it a shot and all his other stuff too! You won't be disappointed!

Happy Reading


Tuesday 3 March 2015

Review: The Last Days of Disco

Publisher: Orenda Books

All I should have to say about this book is Annette Curtain and you should allll want to read it...however, that may not work so I'll write more!

We are in Scotland, it's 1982, there's overseas war, domestic gang rivalry and a family with a few issues!

The two disco lads are like a Scottish Del Boy and Rodney with all their schemes but one is going to work for them! They were pretty cool, however the book wasn't all about the disco as I expected so I think the title, cover and premise is a tad misleading. 

The book has a bit of the Irvine Welsh about him due to the Scottish dialect, but also because of the funny parts which were actually VERY dark in places. And I am an IW and dark comedy fan! 

The tight nit community reminded me a bit of the Casual Vacancy as everyone knew everything about everyone, however it was far better than that poor excuse for a book!

The portions of Gary at war were really starkly contrasted to the parts in bonny Scotland and that made them really rather awesome and amazing and in many ways really, really touching! 

I really did enjoy this book more than I expected and I hope that many people give it a read as this is a stonking little indie publisher who will go far!

Happy Reading


P.S. This book didn't really fit a category in my reading challenge!